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5 Fun & Frugal Valentine's Gift Ideas

5 Fun & Frugal Gift Ideas

Looking for an affordable, yet memorable gift to delight your love this Valentine's? Look no further than these inspiring ideas!

1. Make a photo book of your love story

Gather together photos that document your love story - your first date, your favorite vacation spot, your wedding photos - all the pieces that represent your relationship from the beginning to now. Bring them into Copy World and we'll help you organize them into a beautiful photo book your romantic partner will treasure forever!

2. Create a memory box

Gather together keepsakes, memorabilia, ticket stubs and photos and create a special box that celebrates your love. Pick a nice box, one that will last, and add to it a little each year as your love continues to grow.

3. Set up an in-home spa

Set up a spa in your home with a warm bath, candles, and soothing music and treat your partner to relaxing, pampered evening. Consider tossing a few rose petals on the floor or in the bath for a truly romantic touch!

4. Make a "coupon" book

Design your own romantic coupons and have them printed at Copy World! Housework, massages and home-cooked meals are all great options to include in your DIY coupon book. 

5. Make a jar of love notes

Using strips of colored paper, write down your thoughts on love and fill a jar with them! Feel free to take inspiration from favorite poets and songwriters and don't forget to include sweet compliments like "I love your smile" and "You're beautiful to me."


There are 5 ideas for unique gifts to consider this Valentine's day! Looking for more ideas? Stop by Copy World and let us help you create something special for your love!

Happy Valentine's Day from Copy World


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