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January 2019

Brochures: An Incredibly Effective Marketing Tool

Jan 29, 2019
Brochures Are Versatile Enough to Be Handy in Many Situations Ever wondered how you could inform someone about your services when there is no internet handy? Brochures are what you need. Did you just meet someone on an airplane or a trade event? Hand them a brochure. How about when you run into that ideal customer in an elevator but don’t have the time to go in-depth into what you do? Give them a brochure after the elevator pitch.

4 Ways to Stop Your Team from Falling Apart

Jan 22, 2019
As a supervisor, you are probably familiar with the times when nothing seems to be going for your team--projects don’t come together, laughter feels forced, and energy levels are really low. Usually at this point you have no idea what you should do. Don’t give up.

3 Opportunities for Better Customer Follow-up

Jan 15, 2019
Leaky Buckets Bring Lost Opportunities Business is all about relationships. And good relationships are built on effective communication. In today’s interconnected world we are constantly communicating…

5 Meeting Rules You'll Actually Want to Adopt

Jan 08, 2019
On paper, meetings are supposed to be actionable, positive, focused, and critical--but that’s hardly the case in practice. Do your meetings have the spark and magic necessary to galvanize all those present? Or is it a lackluster affair where members are counting down the minutes till they can turn to something they find more interesting?
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