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Available Wide Format Media

How to I pick the correct media for my wide format project?

When making your media selection, consider the following questions:

  1. How will you be using your finished graphic? (Trade-show, one-time use, close-up viewing, seen from street, etc)
  2. How long with the graphic be used for? (Will you use it one time and throw it away? Are you going to roll it up and use it for various events? Will you put it up in a stationary spot where it will stay for years?) 
  3. Will you be using your finished graphic indoors or outdoors? (If outdoors, will you be using it in the elements (rain, snow, etc), or will it only be used on nice days or will it be protected in some other way. 
  4. Will your graphic be exposed to sunlight? How much sunlight? UV rays will fade color overtime. If your finished graphic will be in direct sunlight for a significant amount of time, lamination can help prevent sun damage. Think about how you will be handling your finished graphic... will it be easily damaged or exposed to smudges and stains? Lamination can protect against this too. Some media options are better then others for handling and storing.
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Lightweight Papers

Economy Bond - 24# coated
This economical paper is lightly coated so colored ink will not bleed. It is perfect for throw-away or one-time use banners and posters, as well as architectural or line drawings where details are important. Not recommended for heavy fills. This stock can be laminated for longer use, and is perfect for A-frame and sidewalk signage. Available widths: 18", 24", 36", and 42"

Engineering Bond - 20# uncoated
This economical paper is recommend for black and white architectural prints, one-time use stencils, and other black and white prints. Not recommended for color printing, heavy fills or photographs. Available widths: 24", 30" and 36"

Outdoor Media

Outdoor Durable Vinyl - 13 oz
Available in a gloss or matte finish, outdoor vinyl banners are more cost effective then you think. Outdoor banners typically include a welded hem and have grommets for easy hanging; they can also be made with pole pockets. Planning ahead will save you money here, as turnaround is typically one week. We can get them done faster if you did not plan ahead, but this can double the price of your banner. Available sizes: From 2' wide x 2' wide to 8' high x 150' wide.

Indoor Scrim / Vinyl

Lightweight Scrim / Vinyl - 8 mil
A light weight matte polypropylene material that is ideal for indoor banners and signs. The lighter weight makes it versatile and easy to hang (hangs effortlessly using 3M Command Poster Strips). It is water and tear resistant. Available widths: 24", (36" and 44" available by special order)

Heavyweight Scrim / Vinyl - 15 mil
A super durable textured vinyl, the coasted sub-surface allows inks to penetrate and better resist the elements. The material has an internal blockout layer. When laminated, it makes a great outdoor banner solution. Because we can print and laminate these banners in house, this is a perfect option for a last minute outdoor banner. Available widths: 24". (36" and 44" available by special order)

Canvas & Fabric

Semi-Gloss Canvas - 19 mil 
A heavy water-resistant textured canvas with a semi gloss finish is perfect for fine art images and long term displays. Its coating offers excellent color gamut and light stability. Available widths: 24" and 36"

Heavyweight Fabric - 12 mil 
A heavy weight polyester fabric (600 x 600 denier water-resistant material) offers an alternative soft signage media for posters, marketing graphics, trade shows, roll up banners, flags, and more. It has a matte finish to resist glare and offers high ink absorption for rich and vibrant colors. Rugged but still light weight, graphics on fabric are easy to transport and store. This signage material can be sewn and have grommets added, allowing it to be used for a wide range of applications. Available widths: 24" and 36"

Poster Papers

Gloss Paper - 8 mil 
A medium weight high gloss photobase paper with a water resistant surface accepts large volumes of ink, making it ideal for near-photographic prints, posters and short-term point-of-purchase displays. Available widths: 24" and 36"

Epson Doubleweight Matte Paper - 8.3 mil / 180gsm 
An economical heavyweight paper, Epson Doubleweight Matte is the perfect solution for promotional pieces, fine art, courtroom graphics, displays, posters, and short-term and long-term banners. The flat matte surface eliminates glare, and the doubleweight thickness increases durability. It accepts large volumes of ink, making it perfect for heavy fill applications like posters, banners and photographs. Recommended for indoor use, however lamination makes this a good option for short term outdoor graphics. This stock is perfect for window graphics, as the color will not fade for one year in direct sunlight through a window. When laminated, the lightfastness increases to 200 years, making it perfect for applications where you need the color to last. Available widths: 24", 36" and 44"

Specialty Wide Format Media

We are also able to special order the following media if it is right for your project:

  • Watercolor paper (up to 24 mil)
  • Matte canvas (21 mil)
  • Backlit display film
  • One way window display
  • Pressue Sensitive Adhesive Papers, Vinyl & Fabric
  • Vellum
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