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Birchcraft Studios Announces New Rosh Hashanah Holiday Card Designs

Birchcraft Studios has announced their new exclusive Rosh Hashanah card collection. 

Birchcraft Studios Rosh Hashanah card collection

Below find a sampling of some of the new designs. Learn more about Birchcraft's Rosh Hashanah Collection and Birchcraft Holiday Cards at Copy World.

Birchcraft Studios is a third-generation family-owned business, and Copy World is proud to be an authorized dealer. Our experts can help you find the perfect holiday card for your family or your business. Contact Us today to see all of your options.

CW Print + Design

A Slice of Life! Rosh Hashanah Photo Card
Card No. B8-D-2412-WJ4R-JN-PC-KG
Add a personal touch to your wish For a Good Year at Rosh Hashanah with this unique apple framed photo card.

CW Print + Design

Apples All Around! Rosh Hashanah Photo Card
Card No. B8-D-2415-WJ9R-JN-PC-KR
A graphic design of apples surrounds your photo and wishes For a Good Year at Rosh Hashanah.

CW Print + Design

For A Good Year Rosh Hashanah Greeting Card
Card No. B8-D-2417-WJ2R-JN-KU
Send this charming card with four iconic apples depicting a wish For a Good Year at Rosh Hashanah.

CW Print + Design

A Good and Sweet Year Rosh Hashanah Card
Card No. B8-D-2609-WJ9N-JN-KG
Send warm wishes with this Rosh Hashanah card featuring fruit and honey on a wooden table top.

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