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Boost Your Business with Professional Business Cards!

Boost your business with professional business cards from Copy World!

Outshine the competition with Luster Cards

In the modern age, you might ask, "why bother with business cards?" but, as The Economist points out, business cards are very much thriving. Business cards are essential for making meaningful connections with potential clients because they put a tangible face to your business. Carrying business cards with you ensure your professional appearance -- no more fumbling for pens or impersonal exchange of information via smartphone. Not everyone who meets you needs your business services the day you meet, but giving them a card with your contact information ensures they'll have something to refer back to when they do. Business cards present an excellent marketing opportunity -- and you shouldn't miss out!

So how can you use business cards to boost your business?

Specialty cards available at Copy World!

Make an impression

Up to 88% of business cards are thrown out within a week, so how do you make sure your business card makes it into the 12% that are kept? Make a statement with your business cards! Potential clients hold onto color cards up to 10 times longer than black and white. Giving your card a high-end finish, an eye-catching design and printing on high-quality, heavyweight stock gives your business card an edge over others. From textured stock and rounded corners to EDGE and foil-printed cards, Copy World has a variety of finishing options to make your card stand out to potential clients!

Boost your business with business cards from Copy World

Include the most important information

Business cards are small - just 3.5x2 inches, and that's not a lot of space to make an impression. If you use social media, make sure to include it on your card if it's a good way to keep in touch with your business, but don't add a Twitter page if you never use it. Include the very best ways to get in touch with you such as a phone number, email address or even fax number if that's how you primarily interact with clients. Definitely include your name and your job title so clients can put a name and position to your face when they think of you later - some people even go so far as to include their photo on their card. Whatever you choose to include, make sure it has a purpose so you're not wasting space.

Make a good first impression with great design!


Hand them out - Lots and often!

For every 2000 business cards handed out, companies see an average of 2.5% increase of sales, so don't miss out on the opportunity! Hand out your business cards often and to as to as many people as possible. When you do, smile, make eye contact and hold a genuine conversation; later, when a potential client finds your business card in their pocket, they'll remember you and be more likely not just to keep the card but also to use it to get in touch again.

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