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Direct Mail Statistics Worth Writing Home About

From social media to newspapers, email to direct mail and plenty more between, the options for advertising can seem unending and even a bit overwhelming. So what form of advertising is worth your marketing dollars? Take a minute to consider these research-backed statistics about direct mail when making your decision.

Direct Mail Statistics Worth Writing Home About

1. Former Customers Respond to Direct Mail
Direct mail is a great way to catch the attention of customers who have used your services in the past but haven't returned in some time. According to the US Postal Service, 18.4% of former customers come back to businesses after receiving a piece of direct mail.

2. Digital Ads + Direct Mail = Winning Combo
According to Nonprofit Pro, a new version of multichannel marketing is changing the game - pairing digital ads with direct mail results in both becoming more effective, so the next time you're considering running a digital ad, consider complementing it with direct mail to increase effectiveness.

3. Millennials Think More of Direct Mail
According to the USPS, even the elusive millennial market takes note of direct mail - over half of millennials have made a purchase based on a direct mail offer.


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