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Fax Services

CW Print + Design performs full-service faxing. This means you will not need to send the fax yourself, we will do it for you to help ensure your document is transmitted successfully. We use a secure electronic fax system which allows us to perform error checking and easily resend your fax in the case that it fails. Once your fax has been successfully transmitted, your fax is erased from our system. In the event that your fax fails, we will keep your fax in the system for up to 24 hours until the fax has been successfully transmitted. This will provide you with an opportunity to check with the recipient and ensure that their fax machine is on and functioning, stocked with paper, and that you have provided us with a correct fax number. 

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Full Service Faxing

First Page - $2.50
Additional Pages - $1.00 each

Incoming Faxes

We can also receive your secure faxes for you for $1 per page. Our incoming fax number is (888) 647-1615. If you are expecting a fax, please call us before picking up so we can ensure your fax has been received. We take confidentiality seriously - please bring your photo id when picking up.

Download Our Cover Sheet

Fill out the cover sheet at our shop, or download it here and fill it out beforehand. 

Faxing F.A.Q.

Q: Do I need a fax cover sheet?
A: In most cases, the answer is yes. It is considered proper fax etiquette to include a cover sheet with each fax. An exception to this rule is if your recipient told you no cover sheet was necessary. The fax cover sheet will provide the recipient with important information, such as if a specific individual needs to receive the fax, how many pages they should have, and how to get in touch with you (the sender) if they have any questions or need more information.

Q: How long does faxing take?
A: Many factors influence the amount of time that it takes to receive a notice that your fax has been successfully transmitted, such as the number of pages you are transmitting, and what is happening with the recipient’s fax machine. Fax machines are not multi-tasking and faxing is not instantaneous. Your data is being transmitted over a phone line (similar to connecting to the internet with a modem). Fax machines in general can only handle about one task at a time, which means if the recipient’s fax machine is sending an outgoing fax, or receiving another fax, your fax will be put in queue and transmitted when the fax machine has completed its other task(s). It is normal to receive a busy-signal from a very busy fax machine, such as those located in hospitals, mortgage companies, insurance companies, federal offices, and banks. If your recipient does not have a dedicated fax line and they are using the phone when you are trying to fax, your fax will not go through while the phone is in use.

Q: How do I know that the fax has been received?
A: We will receive an automated confirmation from our system that your fax has been successfully transmitted. We will print out a confirmation for you if you would like it. This confirmation sheet will let you know the date and time your fax was sent, the number of pages sent, and the number they were sent to. It is important to keep in mind that fax confirmations is an automated process. The recipient’s fax machine sends our system a confirmation that their machine has received the data. It does not mean that the fax has made it to your recipient, only that their machine has confirmed its receipt. The only sure way to know that your fax was received by your recipient is to talk to your recipient. It is a good idea and good fax etiquette to call your recipient shortly after you have received confirmation that the fax has been submitted to make sure that the recipient receives their fax. In some offices there is a communal fax machine, and your printed fax may not make it to your recipient right away, they might need to go and pick it up off the fax machine. We strongly advise that you call the fax recipient to ensure they have received your fax!

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