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Our Commitment to the Environment

Like much of the print industry, CW Print + Design is committed to the environment. We strive to be as eco-friendly (we call it "eco-chic") as possible. 

We offer a variety of recycled papers to choose from, all the way up to 100% recycled. We offer a variety of certified FSC recycled papers, and Process Chlorine Free stocks, from sustainably managed forests which help to control erosion, clean our air, and provide environmentally friendly jobs. 

Much of our professional printing equipment is energy-star compliant. 

CW Print + Design utilizes Casella Waste Management's Zero-Sort recycling program, allowing us to easily recycle paper, cardboard, plastic bottles, and more.CW Print + Design is proud to recycle more materials than what we throw away.

CW Print + Design recycling programs

Ink & Toner: We also offer recycling programs for the public, including free recycling for all ink and toner cartridges. In fact, we'll give you $2 off your ink or toner order when you recycle your old cartridge with us. 

Batteries: Not sure what to do with your old batteries? What you've heard is true, it's not a good idea to throw them in your regular trash. Bring them to our shop and we'll make sure they are properly disposed of. (AA, AAA, C, and D batteries only). 

Cell phones: We've partnered with Hope Phones to provide free cell phone recycling that gives your old cell phone new life on the frontlines of global health. Over 500,000 cell phones are discarded in the United States every day and pollute the environment with tons of plastic and dangerous toxins. Recycling with Hope Phones reduces hazardous waste in our communities responsibly, while providing a significant public health benefit abroad. If Hope Phones can recycle just 1% of disposed phones each year, they can outfit 1 million health workers, improving the lives of 50 million people. Hope Phones takes ANY phone – working or not, and they don’t need chargers or accessories. Their recycling partner erases all data through a certified and secure process. Learn more.

Is using paper "Bad" for the environment?

Check the facts first:

Paper is actually biodegradable, renewable, and sustainable material. The tree-growing-and-harvesting-industry provides jobs for millions of Americans. Learn more.

Choosing paper gives landowners a reason to grow trees. The trees they plant become forests that help improve air quality, provide clean water and protect soil and wildlife. The demand for paper contributes to landowners planting about 4 million trees in the U.S. every day.When you go paper, you grow trees. Learn more.

Is Printed Marketing Material More Environmental Friendly Than Online Marketing? Interesting facts:

Performing two Google searches uses up as much energy as boiling the kettle for a cup of tea - Physicist Alex Wissner-Gross

Reading the news online for more than 30 minutes can consume 20% more energy than reading a traditional newspaper. -Swedish Royal Institute for Technology

One email with a 400k attachment, sent to 20 people, is equivalent to burning a 100w bulb for 30 minutes. -Virtual Warming, Costing The Earth, BBC, April 2009

We highly recommend using cross-media marketing techniques in your overall marketing campaigns. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you get your message across multiple platforms, including enewsletters, web site, social media such as facebook and twitter, qr-codes, business cards, postcards, brochures, flyers, and mailings (Have you heard about Every Door Direct Mail?)

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