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Maximize your marketing impact, door-to-door!

Oct 18, 2016
Maximize your marketing impact, door-to-door! In this rapidly evolving world of direct marketing strategies, Door Hangers are a tried and true way to reach customers the old fashioned way. Hanging company…

How to Design a Good Business Card

May 15, 2017
No matter the business you are in, investing in a business card is a good idea. As a business person or entrepreneur, you would most likely have heard a lot about the importance and power of a professional…

New Product: METAL Business Cards

Jun 14, 2017
Business cards are an important first-impression marketing tool. The quality of your business cards directly implies to potential clients the quality of your product. Sometimes a business wants and needs…

What Happened to Summer? Back-to-School Marketing Starts Earlier Than Ever

Jul 21, 2017
The temperature is soaring, steaks sizzle on the grill, and kids play in the pool, but not everyone is thinking summer. Back to school season is starting earlier than ever for big retailers and the impact…

The Quarterly Audit: Why It's Always Good to Give Your Print Collateral a Once-Over a Few Times a Year

Aug 10, 2017
An opportunity that far too many people don't take advantage of is the idea of a quarterly audit. Don't worry; it has nothing to do with your taxes. Instead, it's a process that you should go through a…

Millennials Hate your Marketing -- Here's Why (and what you can do about it)

Sep 08, 2017
You've done it!  You researched the young adult market, identified their buying power, and now that "just for millennials" campaign has launched and you're waiting for the leads to roll in. But instead,…

Connecting Your Online and Offline Marketing Campaigns

Feb 05, 2019
Connecting your online and offline marketing initiatives is imperative for your business, no matter the industry you happen to be in. Many business people have observed that the more marketing they do offline, the more popular they become online, and vice versa. For now, let’s investigate the various ways in which you can connect your online and offline marketing campaigns to improve lead generation and increase your sales revenue.

Customer Service in Action: A Personal Touch

Feb 12, 2019
Customer service is never more vitally important than it is when something goes amiss. Depending on the way your business handles the problem, you could either win your customer back or lose your customer for life.

Everyone is Looking to Save a Dollar... How to Use Discounts to Grow Sales

Mar 19, 2019
Looking to generate revenue and improve brand power? Offer a discount! Discounts are a great way to increase sales and place you one step ahead of the competition. While this tactic does not work for everyone, here's a few ways offering a discount could generate more revenue for your business.

Here's Why Visual Communication Works

Mar 27, 2019
One thing that the internet and its soft copies can’t beat is the tangible feel of that hard copies have. Readers could look at your flyer, turn it over, share with their friends and family, and so on.
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