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Your printer is closed for vacation? CW is open 7 days a week.

There is a trend with small businesses in Vermont - businesses close so their owners and employees can go on vacation. This is an acceptable cultural practice here in Vermont - a lot of business are run solely by the owner, and in order for that owner to go on vacation, the only way to do so is to close down for a few days or a few weeks. If this is you - by all means - go on vacation! You deserve it - treat yo' self. It makes you a better business owner and a better person!

Dog surfing on vacation

However, small businesses rely on their printer partners. So, when a printer goes on vacation for a week, that leaves the small businesses that rely on them completely on their own. If you need a project done for a last minute trade show, or suddenly find yourself out of gift certificates, what do you do? You are stuck feeling stranded. Do you go to another printer just to get something done quick? What will the quality be like? And if your printer has all of your stuff 'on file' like most of us do - you might not even have that option available. 

At CW Print + Design, we never want our clients to feel like this. We build valuable relationships with our clients and we never want them to feel that they have been abandoned. This is our main driving force behind our unprecendented store hours - we are open SEVEN DAYS A WEEK! And we're open late each of those days, (until 7pm on Weekdays and 5pm on Weekends), giving a small business owner plenty of time to stop by to pickup or drop off projects on their own schedule. 

And we don't close so we can go on vacation. Do we go on vacation? Absolutely. Mollie just had a 4+ month maternity leave, and Linda is on vacation right now. Al is heading off on one next week, and Jose and Chelsea will be out after that. Jennifer and Jenna all have summer plans in August. This is why we develop a strong team - so we can all go on vacation, AND still support our clients. 

Now, we aren't open 365 - we are a family business and family is one of our core values. To this end, we do have a few days that we are closed each year so our team can spend time with their familes, specifically family-oriented holidays like Mother's Day, Father's Day, and Christmas. We keep our hours and days we plan to be closed posted year round on our website so it never comes as a surprise if our store is closed for a day or a weekend. And if a client needs something while we are closed, we are almost always able to make accomodations.

This is why it's so important to have a relationship with your printer. It allows us to best serve you - we know your expectations, allowing us to provide you the quickest turnaround, and work around your needs.

To learn more about establishing a relationship with CW Print + Design, please contact us today!

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