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Disposable Menus / Take-Out Menus

Disposable Menus are a requirement for reopening your restaurant in Vermont and other areas. When done correctly, you can also use your disposable menus to support your take-out and delivery business as well. 

At CW Print + Design we offer several strategies for your disposable menus to help keep your clients and your wallet safe.

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Get the most out of your disposable menu

Here are a few tips to keep the costs of disposable menus low and maximize their use before they head to the recycle bin:

  • Design your menu for one-time use. Get your menu on one sheet of paper - or less. 
  • Offer a limited menu. Having a smaller menu not only helps you save on print costs, it has many 'fringe' benefits to your business.
  • Separate out your dessert and drink menus. Give these menus just to those who need them.
  • Print only what you need. Figure out how many customers you can serve with your limited capacity and order just what you need. 
  • Limit interactions with your waitstaff. Have your customers circle their choices on the paper menu.
  • Give the menu more life. Can you utilize a coupon or other offer on the menu to entice them to come dine again or order take out?
  • Decide the value of color versus black and white. This is a perfect opportunity to include photos to help the customer select their meals. 
  • Think about the environment. Minimize the impact by choosing recycled paper.

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